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canada goose canada goose coats We did check it later on in the day because one of our staff members speaks Chinese and she confirmed the translation that was contained in the tweet was reasonably accurate,” Mr Pirani said.But even if the signs were deemed to be a problem, Mr Pirani said the commission was powerless to remove them unless they were within six metres of the polling place.”So even if the sign is, you deem the sign to be misleading voters. You still wouldn’t remove that sign?” Senator Farrell asked.”We have no power to remove the sign, the normal process is we would first ask the campaign workers to voluntarily remove the sign. If they refused to do it my only option is to go to court under section 383 of the commonwealth electoral act to seek an injunction order that the signs to be removed but we have no power ourselves to go out and order the removal of signs,” Mr Pirani said.Mr Rogers said the “vast majority” of parties and candidates voluntarily took down signs if the commission found an issue with them.. canada goose coats

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