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Real Estate Development

AZ Real Estate Development Co. is a leading real estate development and property management company in Saudi Arabia. We provide a large variety of quality real estate options and services that are available for our clients to choose from. Our expertise is in the whole range of real estate activities and below are some of our services.

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Renting and Leasing Administration

With more than 2,000 units of residential villas, apartments, and commercial property portfolios internationally. We offer unique renting and leasing services, which will not only be cost efficient for owners, but also gives them peace of mind and optimizes their investment by allowing it to reach its maximum potential.

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Contract Management

We provide a service to manage existing contracts and evaluate their performance. Additionally, we draft, review, negotiate, and execute contracts with advice from legal counsel for example rental/lease agreements and sales/purchasing agreements, review contractual performance, renewal and amendment of contracts, liaising with legal representatives or legal counsel to manage compliance.

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Collection & Payment Services

We enforce the rent collections cycle for monthly, half yearly, and annual as per agreements to avoid delays and defaults. We then deposit funds or repayments to our client accounts.

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Inspection/Valuation of properties reports

We complete periodic exterior and interior inspections for every property we manage, also annual comprehensive inspections to check and make sure that the residents are abiding by rental and lease terms and that there is no serious damage to the property.